Tuesday, March 11, 2014


All cardio all day

250m row @ 85%
Rest walk 30 s
200m run @  80%
Rest walk 30s
This. Was. Killer. Kept my rowing pace sub 2..started around 1:48, but slowly got slower. An affiliate owner who was dropping in asked if he could workout with me, so he joined me for the last 6, and I'm glad he did. I probably would not have pushed myself as hard...or stuck to the strict 30s rest.  Quads and calves still feel like doodoo, but I got a great workout in. I definitely need to do workouts like this more often

20 min run
10 min AB
Keeping up with the cardio theme, I got some Z1 work in. I was supposed to run for 10, row for 5, bike for 10...but it was gorgeous outside so I did some extra running..then my calves exploded...so I biked to loosen them up. I really should have voodoo flossed and rolled out, but I didn't want to be late for work

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