Monday, March 10, 2014


Quads felt like doo doo today. Zero motivation.

A. BS @20X1; 3,2,1,1; rest 2-3 min (3@75%,2@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%)
155, 165, 175, 190. Stupid moment of the day: forgot how to add and did 175 for 3 to start off. Was confused when it felt stupid heavy...then realized my mistake. 190 was hard. Wanted to bail on the way up, but fought through it.
B. Emom 6 min - PC x 1 (75-80%)
all at 130#, which is a little under the 80% mark. Felt good. tried to focus on not jumping my feet out so wide
5 min amrap @open pace:
5 burpee
7 PC (95/65#)
9 S2OH
4rds+ 5 bp, 7PC, 2 S2OH. S2OH were heavier than I anticipated. Tired myself up by power cleaning, but after Joey cued me to stop jumping, I muscle cleaned (is that a thing?...reverse curled..?) which saved my legs a bit, but wore out my arms
rest 5 min

4 min amrap @open pace:
AB 15 cals
Amrap wall ball in remaining time
23 WB. Did I mention my quads hurt?
rest as needed

2 sets @100%:
Row 250m
10 KBS
10 KBS
Row 250m
rest walk 12 min
5:18, 5:24. 1.5 pood felt pretty tough today. NPUBBJ were killer.

AB 30 sec @85%
AB slow spin 30 sec
x 16
kept mostly between 65-70 RPM. Dear aerobic capacity...increase

Also, while I think the Open is great...and a lot of improvement comes from it...I am so tired of all the excuses I'm hearing around the gym. It's not the tape's fault you didn't score as high as you's not the bar...or the plates...your judge...the music...or anything other than YOU. own it. end rant.

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