Monday, December 30, 2013


I'm baaaack. Was really excited to get back in the gym since I had literally zero physical activity over the break minus the one workout I did in the hotel gym (pullups, DB snatches, and DB bench). oops. Minor wrench in my plan: cannot squat, row, lunge, etc...due to THIRTEEN freaking stitches in the side of my butt. Oh well, will just bide my time getting super upper body swoll until I can be crossfitty again. I did HAVE to do a few muscle ups just to make sure I didn't lose them...again...and it took me a few tries, but then I got back in the swing. As long as I focus on my grip, and make sure I actually pull with my arms, I'm golden.

A1. Weighted pullups x 2-3 @ 3131
A2. Weighted dips x 2-3 x5
20#. 3131 tempo was KILLER. dips were hard, but able to do 3.
ring dips
push ups HR
7:57. Last 5 dips on bar. The ring dips were brutal. I knocked out 10 unbroken easily. then 5. then two..blah blah struggle bus. Josh told me that I was doing them all strict which obviously burnt me out quicker than it needed to. Need to learn how to kip those. Push ups were fine, just annoying.

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