Friday, December 6, 2013


For time @90%:
Run 400m
30 alternating DB snatch (50#)
100 DUs
30 TTB
Run 400m
14:21. The DB snatches were supposed to be 45#, but we don't have 45# dumbells...SO 50# it was. Definitely tough, but doable without any missed. Double unders were ok...did 30-20-30-15-5. TTB started off iffy, but I strung them together at the end. The last 400 sucked.
Row 30 sec @90%
Rest walk 30 sec
Got some pointers from Paul before this part of my workout, he helped me with my technique for a little bit, and then told me to stay between 1:50 and 1:55, and when I missed that, get off the rower and walk for 5 minutes and get back at it. Got 14, rest, 5, rest, 5 rest. then death. Bright side, never rowed that fast consistently like ever. dark side: death

Then I played around with some hip touches on the rings...then I got 5 muscle ups. I'm baaack

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