Monday, December 2, 2013


A lot of ups and downs today. Walked in the gym today semi-excited to do my workout and get back on the horse with muscle up work. I did some hip touches, and really focused on pulling with my arms and towards the end got that weightless feeling again. I made like one attempt, and missed, but I had the rings in the right place for the first time since I initially got a few muscle ups. THEN Paul intercepted me and told me I was doing I did that. Pros: FINALLY cleaned 150#. Haven't gotten that since probably the last time we tested. Cons: royally blew the 8 min amrap. Like got wayyyy under what I got last time. Not going to lie, that really upset me, so I gave myself 2 (ok like 5) minutes to be upset, and then got over it. This is a huge increase in mental toughness for me. In the past, it would have taken me like two days to get over. Yay growth. I'm pretty ok with it now. I'm disappointed, yes, but this is where I am now. There's no point getting hung up on what I used to be able to do...or not do...I don't know. It's whatever. Both Joey and Paul did say that the she programming was not meant to prepare me for this test, so not to be toooo upset. I feel like I've gotten better at certain things and let other things fall by the wayside, but such is the programming. I'm excited to see where I am once I start training to my strengths/weaknesses.

So that workout...

Build to a 1RM Squat Clean in 8min
150#. yay. This felt pretty good. Got stuck in the hole on my first attempt, but caught it fairly easy. Standing it up sucked.
Rest EXACTLY 2min
8min Squat Clean AMRAP @ 90% of 1RM
And everything went down hill. I got 10 lifts, 6 misses. I caught all of my misses, just couldn't get them up. shiiiiit. I think I didn't have enough tension in my legs to bounce out of the bottom, not really sure though. These felt overall shitty. Joe said I needed to stay over the bar more, so will keep that in mind

Modified SHE:
A. FS @20X1; 4,3,2,1; rest 2-3 min
125, 135, 145, 155
B. Emom 5 min – FS x 3 (85%)
C. 15 min:
Min 1 – Clean (85#) x 10 (unbroken)
Min 2 – 35 DUs
Min 3 – 2 MUp
for time @90%:
500m row
30 burpees
10 KB swing (1.5pd)
20 burpees
20 KB swing
10 burpees
30 KB swing
12:27. I did not want to do this at all. Baaaad attiitudex10

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