Sunday, December 1, 2013


Was able to get some skill work in today. In retrospect, probably should have just made up a SHE workout, but instead I channeled Rich Froning and just did whatever felt right...Sidenote: still super sore from that pull up/thruster/pushup workout..

Front Squats: 5-3-2-1-1
55kg, 59kg, 65 kg, 68kg, 70kg. These felt good. Trying to get in a habit of working on my front squat because that is the weakest part of my oly lifts..

Deadlift, High Pull, Powerclean, Jerk complex.
Can't remember the weights on these. Built up.

10 minutes EMOM C&J @ 60kg
Can definitely PC this weight, but made a point to do a full squat clean. Fell on my ass 3 times before I got comfortable in the squat and was able to make it. That was irritating. My jerks didn't feel as strong as they could have been. Missed once towards the end. Really tried to focus on getting a good dip and using my body to drive the weight up. Subconsciously switched to a push jerk during the last few rounds. Not sure why. Felt ok though.

10 minutes EMOM 3-2-1 EROM HSPU (35#plate)
This was hell. Not sure why I thought this was a good idea. I kept that rep sequence pretty spot on the first 5ish rounds, but then I would fail on the 3s. I stopped each round once I failed. round 6-10 I threw an abmat under my head because I was tired of all my body weight crashing down on my neck. the struggle.

5 strict muscle up transitions from knees on rings
Felt good. tried a strict one on the rings. hahahaha the end.

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